Serenity NOW! How to keep your Peace

Serenity NOW!

How to keep your Peace

The middle part is the toughest,  I think. 

The emptying part stinks too. 


The New Part, waiting for the new part can be tough. 

It’s accepting the in-between space that might take away your serenity.  

The empty before full again. That feeling of longing and confusion.  The feeling of uncertainty and longing. 

Acceptance to peace.  Gosh!  That is something to experience. 

Hold on.  The space is open for peace and wishing. 

And don’t forget the MAGIC.  Hold on.  

The magic is coming.  

Focus on your heart center and let that take gentle care of you. 

Serenity NOW.  

“That’s odd I feel perfectly at peace with the world” Kramer  watch this Seinfeld clip!  It makes me laugh! ) 


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