Slow Down

Laying under the pile of outside furniture cushions, my mind and emotions were all a jumble! I was in a hurry to complete what I was working on the computer and jump onto my next coaching call but decided to zip outside to bring in the outside furniture cushions out of the rain. Not wanting to make two trips, I grabbed them all and began down the deck stairs.

I fumbled with four double cushions, a big sunshiny pillow that said “Hello Sunshine” and then I kicked a fluffy ottoman so hard it floated over both sets of stairs and landed on the ground.

Then I did the same! I fell down both sets of stairs. It was a blur, breaking my ankle, messing up my hip and lower back. As I sat at the bottom of the stairs covered in cushions, the reality of falling and the pain was surreal!

WHY!!! WHY!!!! I SCREAMED! Angry at myself and in pain, the why’s began.

Why not make two trips? Why was I rushing? What was that?Calling out my invisible sense of urgency and rushing?

Let me ask you… Do you make two trips? Are you always in a hurry?

It’s a bad habit I have, like carrying as many reusable grocery bags into the house because I’m not inclined to want to go back and forth. So, I am screaming from the rooftops!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, make two trips. Slow down, take your time.

When asked in the hospital what happened, I said I didn’t want to make two trips when I was bringing the cushions in and fell down the stairs! The young nurse gave me a knowing look and said she did the same thing last night and was scolded by her husband.

Hey! Us women need to make two trips!

We need to stop putting that pressure on ourselves to squeeze out as much as possible and when completing one task our brain is already troubleshooting the next item on the to-do list. It’s got me thinking… What is that motivation? The pressure to outperform, the unawareness to the self-inflicted stress to complete and cross off our to-do lists? Or anxiety induced hurriness?

Well, the universe has sat me down! For the entire summer, no driving and possible surgery! My mantra is “It could be worse”, which is the truth!

I am offering my tumble and brokenness as a nudge to your awareness to slow down, ground yourself and be kind to yourself even when you slip up!

Journal Prompt

Where do I feel pressured in my life? Where do I feel pressured to rush through my day?

What am I feeling? What do I need?


“All is well. I move through the day with self-patience, self-love and grace.”

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