Start Celebrating National Infertility Awareness Week


Watch my video explanation if you would rather watch then read.

It’s National Infertility Awareness Week, NIAW for short, which is one of the infertility community’s most important commemorative occasions. It’s a week devoted to bringing awareness about this medical condition to the public and elected officials, as well as to help those on the journey find greater self- awareness. To facilitate the latter, we’re bringing our own interpretation to these four letters: NIAW.

Let’s start with the “N. “ For us, “N” represents “Never alone.”

Are you feeling isolated, sad, alone and just plain angry because of your infertility? Or perhaps you’re experiencing the very common feeling of having thoughts that you’ve done something wrong?

Ifs, shoulds and woulds might be swirling around in your mind and cause your heart, body and soul to be disconnected.

Here’s what I know now that I wish I knew then… you’re never alone in this journey. Even on the darkest day, seen and unseen angels are supporting you.

The seen angels might possibly be your spouse, your nursing team and doctors and family and friends… but the feelings of isolation and longing create a fog that might blind you to seeing this unlimited support.

So as we begin NIAW, let us hold the sacred space of connection.

Try this mantra to help you stay connected to this energy of oneness in mind, body and soul:
“I am loved and supported beyond measure.”

Try this all week!!

Get ready for the “I” tomorrow!


(Originally Published April 23, 2012)

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