Hold On Lady, We’re Going For a Ride

“Chau chi lan tsu tsa tsa” or Hold on Lady we’re going for a ride!
I’m not sure I shared with everyone before but my dog’s name is Indiana Jones.  Well, seven years ago my son, who is 16 years old and my daughter who’s 11, gave our little Tibetan Terrier his name.  As a family, we are lovers of the Indiana Jones Trilogy and of course Harrison Ford, so the runner up name was Harrison but her looked more like an Indy! ride
One of our familiar favorite sayings from the movie The Temple of Doom is  “Hold On Lady, We’re going for a ride” from this clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zt7kHsZGk6E.
The line can be heard regular within our family unit when and if things are getting bumpy or if the stress level is rising!
Holding on to a suspended bridge that Indiana Jones is about to cut is one thing!  But holding on and bracing for life’s ride is another.  It is within the holding of the energetic traumas or fears  where the body gets into a state of unbalance.
The summer months have been jammed packet with moments of “Holding on Lady!  We’re going for ride” for me personally and for my professional interactions and my clients.
What is needed right before you are experiencing a moment or confronting a moment when the bridge is cut down under you, is radical self-love.  Because within  the frantic moment of falling with nothing underneath, you are actually create a re-birth moment and beginning a new phase of relating and interacting with others, but most profoundly you are creating a knowing about you on a deeper level to rebirth a new emotional you. 
-Breath in
-Breath out.
-Stay open (ask yourself what you are feeling; what you need)
-Love yourself
-Just do it!
We all need some motivation!  Here’s some from Shia! 
JUST DO IT: Shia LaBeouf  Just Do It!!
If you are feeling that your life’s bridge has been cut and you’re falling please know that you are  changing your patterns.  Say “Thank You” in the moment of decent and practice true-self love and have faith that you’re going to get where you want to go! 
And within the self-love you’ll begin to enjoy all the rides! 

Hold on here comes JOY! 

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