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Egg Freezing: Opening Up Women to All the Possibilities!

Recently while I was in the waiting room of my primary care physician, I flipped through a magazine – maybe a style or fashion one – and stumbled upon an article about a woman’s journey to freezing her eggs.

She started with sharing that her ole biological clock was ticking away, and then described her dash to date so she could find someone to marry. This was girleggfreezingdriven by her maternal desire to be a mom. Of course, all of this was extremely stressful and it was driving her life; each encounter and each exchange with a man was driven by the tick, tick, and tick of her biological clock. She couldn’t help but size up the man internally, asking herself if he could be the one or was he husband material and did he meet her baby daddy criteria.

Then she made the decision to freeze her eggs and she viewed life with new eyes!

She dated freely and made out with lots of men with no sense of wasting her time and without the wondering voice in her head, screaming that she was wasting time!!! Here’s the “what else:” she starting enjoying her life and began living in the moment.

Knowing that she had time, the pressure was taken off her shoulders and each suitor wasn’t a potential husband/father but rather someone she could spend time with and begin a new adventure.

So after reading this, all of a sudden I felt a surge of emotion.

I had walked in her shoes and was that woman 20 years ago! The largest bubble of emotions came up…. I wanted to scream HALLELUJAH for WOMEN!!

This is the part where I write that I had to walk 20 miles to school in the driving snow, and I didn’t complain!!

NO, it’s the part where I write that I am so grateful that the women in the generations after me are going to be living during a time of medical advancement that will open up a multitude of possibilities for them and a change in their mindset. These advances will help create a new culture of women taking back their power.

Thank you to the author of that article in the unknown magazine because it is goddess wisdom well shared!

I still vividly remember two decades ago when I announced during Thanksgiving dinner that I would be going sperm shopping and planned to have a child by myself because I was turning 30. Oh, what a ruckus that caused!

Congratulations! There are so many options about retaining fertility and creating a life on your own terms. But here’s one piece of wisdom for you young whippersnappers of this generation and future generations….

Education, education, education: seek, seek, seek knowledge and information…. Look to the wisdom of the generation before you that has experienced life but in a different manner…. Seek out experts in the fertility industry; it’s an industry now!

Create your fertility game plan now, even if you’re alone and currently don’t have a perspective partner.

Create your plan from the heart!!! It is your life and your dreams. If you don’t know how to do that, listen in on Tell all Tuesday and I’ll share how for the next few months!!

Create breathing space to make a decision from the heart and the inner knowledge that is within you.

(Originally Published on July 18, 2013)

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