The Benefits of Earthing!

It’s been a peculiar winter for all of us New Englanders. Instead of the usual snowfall, we’ve experienced more rainfall and erratic temperature changes. The days have been rainy, dark, and gloomy, with fewer glimpses of the bright, cold, blue skies we’re accustomed to.

Perhaps these adjectives resonate with your current outlook as well? Does it feel like your perspective is shrouded in darkness and gloom?

Yet, the darkness dissipates when we shine light, warmth, and understanding through the loving kindness we show ourselves. Amidst the absence of light during winter, we also miss out on the connection to the ever-present earth energy, commonly known as earthing or grounding.

Earthing! It’s the additional benefit of being mindful of your bare feet touching the ground, allowing you to connect with Mother Earth’s energy.

So, let’s delve into the Benefits of Earthing.The Benefits of Earthing - Infertility Blog

Earthing: As it shifts from cold outside to warming, we need to refresh our connecting with Mother Earth’s Energy. Daily connection with Mother Earth’s energy, or electrons, through the soles of our feet is crucial to stay grounded and connected. Even when it’s chilly, and we’re bundled up, we can still make an effort to walk around our homes barefoot during the day, allowing the souls of our feet to connect with the ground.

So, here’s a secret.  I am a big time composter.  Trying to keep my footprints here soft and in my household what can be composted is!  So even in the deep cold of our rainy winter I trudge out to my composter and dump in the produce waste and such.  While I’m out there, I do slip off my shoes and take a moment to ground into the cold earth while holding my favorite tree.  I feel the pulsing energy of the dormant outside and feel better inside.  How can you incorporate earthing today???

I’m thrilled to introduce this month’s guest blogger, Angie Bell, who will be sharing her wisdom on Spring Cleaning for Fertility!   We can begin shifting our energy towards spring today by incorporating some of Angie’s insights into our lives.

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