The Gulp!

In my recent blog discussing the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse, I introduced a powerful self-inquiry prompt: “What do I want now?” I’m curious, how did you find this exercise?

Navigating our desires often involves acknowledging and addressing inner resistance. It’s crucial to remain focused on your own journey amidst any challenges that may arise. Remember, progress is still being made, even during those daunting “GULP” moments. That’s why I find the visual representation of the Life Model so compelling—it illustrates the journey towards sustainability, which naturally fluctuates.

Lately, in my professional and personal conversations, I’ve noticed a prevailing sense of being in what I term the “Gulp” phase. It’s that brief pause before significant shifts occur, whether they’re positive or not-so-great. But rest assured, it’s an essential part of the creative process. It’s a moment and everything is in place to move you forward.  You’re doing everything you can.

Feeling a dip in your motivation lately? Here’s a simple strategy: Acknowledge it. Embrace it. Take a moment to reflect.

Remind yourself, “I recognize this feeling—it’s the spark I need to propel me forward.”

For me, that “gulp” feeling can manifest across various dimensions—emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Emotionally, it might surface as a mix of excitement and nervousness, tinged with uncertainty about what’s to come.

Physically, I might notice a flutter in my stomach or a tightening in my chest, almost like butterflies before a big event.

Mentally, there could be a swirl of thoughts and doubts, questioning whether I’m prepared for the challenges ahead or if I’ve made the right decisions.

Spiritually, I might feel a sense of anticipation, wondering how this moment fits into the larger tapestry of my journey and what lessons it might hold.

Overall, it’s a multidimensional experience that reminds me of the complexity and richness of life’s transitions.

Where does the gulp moment show up for you?

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