The Negative Thought Train

Day Six of National Infertility Awareness Week: Seven Days to an Easier Way

In my April newsletter I mentioned April Fool’s Day and asked if you had been fooling around. I wanted to know if you had experienced a feeling of light spiritedness, joy or just plain goofiness.

I also shared this link to the Mayo Clinic’s Website entitled: Stress Release from Laughter. Yes, this is not a joke about stress release from laughter.

Believe me, my fertility journey was no laughing matter and I was hard pressed to smile, never mind belly laugh!
But we have a daily choice to call in joy or to do something that can cultivate that laugh out loud feeling.You know, the one from childhood where milk shot out of your nose because your BFF made you laugh and you couldn’t stop! Can you take a moment and connect to that memory? Or perhaps it was a more recent memory created by your husband or partner?

Can you take a moment and close your eyes and relive one of those experiences? If not, on the sixth day of NIAW (like the twelfth day of Christmas), I want to give you a Day without Tears! Spongebob!! Really, watch it! You can’t help but laugh!

Just remember your body will be bathe in a rush of brain feel-good chemicals. So enter the Universal Laughter Room.


(Originally Published April 26, 2013)

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