The Nudge

I’ve been thinking about the inner nudge, reinforced by some magical twist of fate that confirms or denies an option, and our open-heartedness to listen.

When it comes to spiritual nudges, are you an embracer, an avoider, or a grab-with-all-gusto abandonment leader?

The Embracer might think, “This could be something to investigate,” and systematically plots a course to listen and act on the nudge.

The Avoider could be someone who sees, feels, and hears the nudge but constantly dismisses the inner and outer knowing guideposts and does nothing.

The Gusto doesn’t think before they leap; they have used this strategy before and enjoy the rush of newness and the awe of creating from their heart. Sometimes they stumble, sometimes they don’t, but either way, they flow.

Flow to their heart’s destiny. Whatever way we react to the constant feedback nudges (no judgment), let’s just take one day to notice them. Feel, see, and hear them, and validate their presence in our lives. Wouldn’t that be a special day of discovery?

Cheers to the nudge!

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