The Post-Coital Exam

“Is the post coital exam still being used?”

Post coital literally means ‘after intercourse’ and if you’re a fertility patient, the term “post coital” probably has become a new normal for you.

Post what?

On a scale of one to ten, the post coital exam was one of the most humiliating experiences in the beginning stages of my personal fertility journey.

Sharing and Communication-- Keeping Your Relationship Strong
Sharing and Communication— Keeping Your Relationship Strong
Living an hour away from the OB/GYN who performed the exam was stressful enough. I drove like a crazy woman to get to the office within the window of opportunity to check the results of the post coital act.

It was degrading and the results pointed directly to my now ex-husband. I remember the air being sucked out the room as the doctor, looking like the hunchback of Notre Dame, strained to count the sperm swimming under the microscope lens.

At that time, I had the overwhelming desire to jump off the table, naked from the waist down, and flee. In that moment over two decades ago, I wished the issue had been mine and that I had not been witnessing in real time the dissemination of this information to my then husband.

The post coital revealed an almost spermless specimen, which squarely pointed the finger at male factor.

I was grateful for the information but the manner in which it was obtained stunk. I am grateful because it showed that my now ex had a varicocele, i.e., there was too much heat in the kitchen. Surgery and time can change this issue of production and mobility. And there are options and new products like Snowballs

There had to be a better way of determining his male issue, but is there?

So Dr. Vasaliki Moragianni, Dr. Michael Eisenberg, Dr. Philip Werthman and the Drive for Men’s Health doctors Sijo Parekattil, MD, and Jamin Brahmbhatt, MD, will be sharing their wisdom about the various physical issues that affect men’s fertility.

What is the scoop on the post coital?

And what about that varicocele? What is it? How many guys have one? Does surgery really reverse the issue and will it ever go back to having too much heat in the kitchen?

Are your pants ticking? What should a guy know about his biological clock’s timing!

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