The Words You Say to Yourself

I remember going through a tough time—okay, a decade—when I was struggling to shape my life. The daily acts needed to keep going and remain steadfast were relentless.

That monkey mind of comparing and despairing was a tough nut to crack each day.

Part of the EveryDay Certainty System is setting your daily intention and staying focused on creating a future vision, even when it isn’t present in your current reality. The struggles are real for so many during this highly charged time. The energies of others, previously less intense, now feel overwhelming for some.

I recently spoke with someone struggling financially. The post-COVID world is still rebalancing, and those of us outside the 1% have felt life’s rebound in a very different way.

The act of future-creating with fortitude and gratitude versus future-awfulizing is sometimes a tightrope walk.

What I shared in the conversation was that the lack felt—whether it’s money or something else—doesn’t change this current moment. The moment you are in right now is the only focus needed. The pain we create for ourselves comes from wanting to alter this moment when we are in the process of growth.

Comparing what we want in the current moment only brings despair to our entire system. The power lies in acknowledging the discomfort—say, the lack of money—and bringing your awareness to how, in this moment, you are supported and okay.

I am well.
I am joy.
I am power.
I am kind.
I am love.
I am peace.
I am will.
I am gratitude.
I am fortitude.

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