Tired and Torn

You know how I share about consistent themes that are shared within or appear throughout my coaching session? Well, this is what has been repeating as of late.

I was in a session with a long-term coaching client and as we were knee deep in her updating me on her life’s events since the last time we spoke, I asked her to use the “weather check” strategy which is:

A Five Minute Strategy to Shift and Move Forward
Weather Check (Within)

Ground yourself into mother earth
(visualize a shaft of light coming over you and extending into the core of mother earth)

Take three clearing breaths
(in through your nose and out through your mouth, deep and clearing inhales and exhales)

Place you hand on your heart
(settle into your heart center)

Ask: What do I feel right now? And what do I need to know?

Repeat this cycle for 5 minutes and hold inner space for self-dialogue

Grounding and breathing clears and cleans your emotional, physical, spiritual and mental bodies. You could softly say “Unify, Unify, Unify”, instructing all of you to gather back together as feelings of tiredness and torness are denser emotions which can cause a scattering of energies.

(You can download “Weather Check” as a PDF by clicking the image.)

This is one of my daily practices, checking my well-being so that I can be aware and conscious of my state and be of service to others without my “stuff” getting in the way.

Tired & Torn is the insight that this client gleaned from her weather check within. And over the course of the week the same word or synonyms of the words kept presenting themselves as a theme.





It has been a while since I reached out and shared. To be honest, I too have been feeling tired, torn and questioning my path. So, what should we do, as individuals and collectively, if we are feeling this energy wave of TIRED AND TORN?

With Mercury in Retrograde, nostalgic feelings can be bubbling up for review and release. This can make us tired from reliving or remembering the past which might confront our new future visions. If you have been startled by thoughts or imagery from your past that you thought you were over and done with, fighting against the visit of these life lessons will create a sense of worn down and tired.

It is better to allow them to flush over you, allow them to share their wisdom and release them with gratitude and love.

Feeling Torn and Tired Dealing with your Fertility Challenges?

My fertility journey is over and my children are young adults, so it was a bit unnerving that the traumatic incidents and events during this trying to conceive time came forward and showed those deep moments of heartbreak and unsuccessful attempts at motherhood. I was at first upset that I was reliving the ectopic pregnancy, the aftermath and the grief of the loss, but I watched when each inner movie played and acknowledged the deep buried feelings of that time. Then the dots were connected. My life is shifting again as a mother and those moments blueprint of fear bubbled up.

Feeling Tired and Torn Dealing with a divorce? Before, during and after?

The same holds for some very painful and debilitating memories of the years after my divorce. Legal abuse that I endured came up like a quickly run movie. The feelings of sadness and shock in some instances flooded back and it was as if my heart was releasing these energies.

TORN AND TIRED I was left too. But GRATEFUL for the clients who were brave to share their pain and share their fortitude to rebalance to wellness.

I have had some very traumatic, heartbreaking, dark night of the soul moments within my life and have bear witness to the same in other women. What I know for sure is that there is a strength that wells up within each and everyone, one that is so powerful and earth-shattering when we take the smallest steps to shift and grow.

Being with those emotions and allowing the tired and torn to be heard, acknowledged and released can be alone but in my humble opinion when two or more are gathered the healing power of women ignite, and tire and torn shifts within a jump quick shift to Empowered and Clear, for ourselves and for all.

Feeling Tired and Torn Dealing with Dating Struggles?

Hit the pause button and date yourself for a few days.

When you’re not sure you should continue dating someone or take dating to the next level, let the nostalgic feelings of your past love life rinse over you and honor your endurance and commitment to your dreams.

The habit of future feeling and self weather checks are sure-fire ways to move through to the other side. Take a moment to re-examine your ideal partner’s attributes and let your heart speak to you. Tired of dating? Torn about the prospects? Hit pause for a day or two, clarity will come in.

I have expanded my coaching clientele and what commonalities that all my ideal clients possess is the willingness to face their grief, loneliness, heartbreak and loss to create a life that is theirs.

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