Tracking Child Support Doesn’t Have To Be A Chore, For Both Parents


Guest post by Basil Bhatiya  from

Lets face it, as a single parent you have a lot on your plate and your kid’s plate. Keeping track of time and money relating to your child custody is the last thing on your mind. If not done accurately it can result in unnecessary over payments or miss payment that are rightfully yours. TheGoLog app was designed for this dilemma. Single parents who keep accurate track of of their child custody information such as Parenting Time, Child’s Expenses, Payments and Behavioral Issues find themselves in a favorable position with the law and court professionals. Now you can be confident with staying organized with this critical data using TheGoLog app.

– Designed For One Parent Use, No Need To Have a Joint Account
– Easily Track Parenting Time For Multiple Children
– Track Expenses, Payments with Images For Proof
– Log Misconduct / Behavioral Issues by the Other Parent
– Generate a PDF Report Per Child For Easy Distribution

TheGoLog app allows you to easily track time, money, and misconduct giving you a peace of mind and creating accountability. This way you can take care of what really matters the most, your kids.

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