Transition Time

It’s transition time again as summer turns into fall and we all return from vacation to our regular work or school schedule. But something else is going on too! The universe is beckoning us; can you hear it calling your name?

Mother earth is getting ready for the harvest season with its many colors and magical shifts of nature. We need to get ready for a change, feel the energy and move forward fearlessly into a new stage of life that embraces change. It is time to let go of judgment of yourself as well as others.

This month my children entered middle school and high school respectively and on orientation day I wondered how that could already be happening. Time seems to fly by so rapidly and here I stand a mom of a ten year old and a fifteen year old. Flashes of my fertility challenges raced across my mind, and the thoughts of never being a mom echoed too.

The twists and turns of life happen in a blink of an eye; there are heartbreaking transitions and moments that take your breath away.

Creation contains phases. The dip or gulp, as I refer to it, is the moment of impact when you get the jolt that you’re on the edge, of giving up or the edge of giving into your fiercely held intention. This is the surrender.

What are you saying to yourself when “what you planned” is totally out of the picture from your original intention? Do you move forward without judging or do you hold on for dear life to the one possibility?

Driving away from orientation day, I let the emotions of this transition time spill out of me. I realized that I need to honor the little moments more by truly being present for the interactions of the heart and soul, the good, the not so good and the perceived ugly by reminding myself that there is a master plan and time is fleeting and really doesn’t hold anything over you. The only important measurement is each moment

Please know you will create what you intend in your own cycle of creation by learning. Shift by focusing on what you have learned about yourself in the process and release judgment of the journey.

I can hear you!! Yah, right lady, focus on now, when my heart is breaking because_______(Fill in the blank: I am not pregnant! my levels aren’t right, my husband/wife doesn’t want to do another cycle, I am so tired of this I can’t go on with treatment., etc., etc.)

Just know that your feelings will lead you where you need to go and listen to the direction behind the feelings because they will lead you along within the process. Make them your guides. Please read this month’s guest blog from Tracey Grady, who speaks of the point of surrender after moments of heartbreak and clarity of direction

Refer back to my “name it” blog for help with this!!! Love yourself through your feeling and look for the opportunity within the feeling. If you’re stuck, ask yourself how you can make it better and then expect a reply in a hunch, synchronicity and a divinely orchestrated miracle.

Happy Harvesting!
Great Blessings, Kristen


(Originally Published September 1, 2013)

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