Try asking this first! It might feel a little different.

There’s something puzzling about the transition from the life we once knew to the one that lies ahead. It’s like being caught between two worlds, where the familiar fades away, leaving us feeling like outsiders in our own story or wanderers in an unfamiliar land. So, what do we do when we’re in the intensity of this uncomfortable growth cycle?

Pause for a moment and ask yourself: Have you truly prioritized your own needs in the decisions you’ve made? (that’s a challenging self-querying question) How would it feel, look, and sound if you did?

While striving to find alignment with your inner self, summoning courage and devotion, can set everything into motion. Just recently, I had a private coaching session with someone grappling with rejection, facing constant roadblocks on the path to his dreams—it took a toll on every aspect of his life, from relationships to his very connection with himself.

Have you ever felt that deep, suffocating despair where your dreams seem obscured by an impenetrable fog, your once-sharp decision-making skills dulled? Or Disconnected? Gone dark? 

I have. My journey through infertility and a tumultuous divorce led me far from the tranquility of my inner self, leaving me to navigate through agonizing turmoil almost with some strange blindness. But through, what some call a dark night of the soul, introspection, extensive learning and training, I came to understand that this discomfort signals the final leg of the growth cycle—the last push toward the finish line.

So, how do you navigate through this challenging phase and break free from the loop?

Start by pinpointing a feeling you yearn to embrace more in the coming month.  So Ask simply:  What Feeling or Feelings Do you Want to Feel More of This Month? 

Then, envision making decisions with your own well-being at the forefront. Forgive yourself for sidelining that soft, inner nudge of wisdom, and instead, amplify its guidance without overanalyzing.

Life reflects our inner state. When we find ourselves on what might be called a “wrong path”, things tend to unravel. It’s imperative to step off that path without judgment of ourselves and take a moment to call in conscious choice and decide what resonates with our true essence. 

Let’s harness the energy of spring to purge ourselves of toxic residue and embark on the creative process refreshed and at peace.

Looking to expedite this process of your change? I offer a unique approach to clearing trauma, releasing karmic bonds, and nurturing soul connections, paving the way for peace and relief. In embracing these steps, we can gracefully navigate the transition from the old to the new, trusting in the unfolding journey of growth and fulfillment.

Have a question? I’d love to gift you a 15-minute laser session to discuss your fertility intention, and fertility game plan and help you with your spiritual Feng Shui.

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