A week-by-week guide to twin pregnancy

Finding out that you are pregnant with twins may just be the best news ever. The moment it finally sinks in, you will realize that you are about to create two human beings in your belly. Isn’t that amazing? Being pregnant with twins is like getting the same gifts but in different colors. You get twice the love but only half the sleep. But before all that, you must first go through the pregnancy journey.

You need proper knowledge and proper monitoring from your midwife or doctor to ensure that your pregnancy is progressing the way it should be. You need all the tools you can use to help you deal with all the anxiety, stress, and worries. This infographic is a great tool you can always refer to throughout the duration of your pregnancy.

It is informative, creative, and very reassuring. It can give you an immediate consolation especially in times when you do not know if what you are experiencing is still normal. You will know what to do to relieve your symptoms that are worse than what women who are pregnant with singletons are experiencing. You will be guided accordingly regarding proper prenatal care, safety measures, proper nutrition, diet, and control of weight gain, development of your twins inside your uterus, and how to manage the risks that come with a twin pregnancy.

Save this infographic or print copies and pin it in places where you can see them often to remind you of what to do and assure you that you are doing just fine. Sometimes, we need constant reminders because pregnancy brain and anxiety can get the better of us moms sometimes.

A week-by-week guide to twin pregnancy infographic.

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