Our sister planet, Venus, will be passing through the sun on June 5th! The planet Venus is named after the Roman Goddess of Love and Beauty. Venus comes in second to the moon as the brightest natural object in the night sky.

So, on June 5th grab your protective eye gear and take a long look at the sun, because this is the last time in our lifetime that we will be able to see such an amazing sight! The next time Venus comes around will be in 2117.

Why should you care what Venus is doing way up there next to the sun anyway?

Well, here’s my layman explanation…

The sun is typically referred to as masculine energy. And then there is Venus, the female sign.  With the feminine passing through the masculine, it is time for us women to balance and use both our female and male energies….Thinking through the heart if that makes sense.

It’s no secret that fertility is within us all.  But, we might be disconnected to our own innate power of creation. So with this amazing event happening this week, one that will not occur again in our lifetime, there’s no better time to grasp the energy…

When was the last time you felt the oneness within yourself?

The fertility challenges that you are experiencing, regardless if you’re in the creation pattern of a new life, a new joy or a new beginning, all require a balancing of both the male and female energy within.

Homework for this month!

Practice thinking a thought, using our logical side or masculine energy, and then let that idea or action be expressed through your heart so you actually feel the decision that you are making. The newness of balance is calling all of us to feel, and then act, instead of think and then act!

Believe me, I still am a work in progress for this new way of being. It’s a conscious effort to switch to feeling and then acting, instead of simply acting.

And, it’s just like when you learned to ride a bike. Once you get the hang of it,

it just becomes natural!

Seize the energy,


(Originally Published June 5, 2012)


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