Village Fertility Pharmacy partnered with Kristen Darcy to share her unique process with both the nursing staff at fertility clinics and with Village infertility patient consumers. Fertility clinic nurses are some of the primary decision makers in guiding patients to select a fertility pharmacy. Their jobs can be very fast-paced, demanding and stressful. Fertility clients/patients are vulnerable to discontinuing treatment and learning how to administer injectable medications correctly can be a very anxious time in the treatment cycle. Village felt supporting these two groups was important to meeting their marketing objectives.

Darcy’s goal was to help strengthen the Village Fertility Pharmacy brand as a caring provider and to teach both nurses and patients coping mechanisms to reduce stress. Kristen has a unique process to help clients/patients preserve their mind, body and soul while surviving the emotional roller coaster of infertility treatment. She gives patients the confidence and self-love to believe they deserve to succeed. She also has conducted extensive professional training to boast moral and self-confidence, as well as to give staff members the tools to assist them in communicating with their patients more effectively. She also worked with the Village sales force.

Kristen used several techniques to help her achieve these goals.  Her award-winning book, Love and Infertility: Survival Strategies for Balancing Infertility, Marriage and Life was integrated as a value added offering that the sales representatives could give clinics. Additionally, each Village Pharmacy patient was given a free book as part of a goodie bag Village offered them.


  • Complimentary book to clinics patients
  • Complimentary monthly tele-workshops for a year
  • Follow up with nursing staff through workshops and training
  • Provided specific time sensitive intervention and support for patients
  • ASRM book give away
  • Offered additional tools like blogs
  • Offered training to staff members to teach them patient-centric communication techniques

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