"W" in National Infertility Awareness Week

W!! For today let’s make the “W” in NIAW stand for our innate women’s inner wisdom… We have become deaf to our inner heart chatter that whispers our inner direction and wisdom to us.

With all the external forces of how we should look, act and be in this world, we have lost our inner connection to ourSELF, which in turn has created a disconnect to our fellow sisters on earth…

Wow! You might be saying that’s not gonna get me pregnant lady!!! But in reality it will.

I remember receiving my first box of drugs for my initial IVF cycle. The box came all nicely organized and ready to use (thanks to Village Fertility Pharmacy). I opened the box and had a rush of emotions.

I just wasn’t ready. I was tired or perhaps exhausted emotionally and physically. My doctor and my former husband were insistent that I move forward with the IVF because of our “situation,” but I could hear the inner whisper. “Not now, not yet….rest and be whole again,” it seemed to say.

So I did. Feeling on one hand that I was crazy and wasting time… must move forward, must do something.

What I know now that I wish I knew then: doing nothing is doing something… sometimes the most important something.

Going within gives you clarity, strength and inner soul connection.

Asking yourself each and every day: “What do I need today?” is a way of helping your inner voice become louder and louder. Couple that daily with the affirmation “I love and accept myself” allows you to fill yourself up first and then fill others.

So that when you are a mom, and you will be, you will know who you are in order to help your children become who they are meant to be!

God Bless!



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