What areas of your life are Stagnant? Let’s Get Back In Heart Flow

Stagnant, characterized by the absence of current or flow, struck a chord with me as I listened to a monthly insight video. The word conjured an unpleasant image of a stagnant pond in my mind, prompting reflection on the stagnant aspects of my life that demand attention in 2024. Curiosity led me to explore the definition of stagnant using the tool section of a Google Doc. The synonyms, such as still, motionless, immobile, inert, lifeless, dead, standing, slack, static, stationary, foul, stale, dirty, filthy, putrid, putrefied, and brackish, painted a vivid picture of lifelessness.

Hit Hard: The realization hit me hard as I acknowledged that some aspects of my life remained immobile, lifeless, or even dead for a decade.  How about you?  Are there areas in your life that seem motionless?    Grief possesses a unique ability to halt your progress, irrespective of the cause for mourning a loss; it can leave you rooted in place and standing still.  All these reflections stemmed from the seemingly innocuous word ‘stagnant.’ To break free from this stagnation, I’ve turned to the antonyms: flowing, running, and fresh, to guide me in identifying areas of my life that require my heart’s attention.

Finding Your Heart Flow 

I invite you to join me on this journey by using the Game of Life handout as a mirror to assess the joyous aspects of your world and identify areas in need of refreshing. Put this into practice with “By Heart: Living and Leading,” a guided journey to simple daily actions that encourage self-reflection and the creation of your truest self.

Embrace the affirmation for the first week of the year-long journey: “My Heart is Open.” Write it three times a day for the next few weeks, allowing it to permeate your thoughts and actions.

                                        “Pursue your day by heart… feel, act, and create.” – kd

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