What’s driving your decision making? Let it be your heart!  

There is a pureness to all of us. That divine energy within that speaks the knowing truth of us and others.  The loving energy that is who we are.  When we experience some sort of ugly trauma, perhaps in our nuclear family, at the hands of a parent, father, or mother, the fear is always there and drives our unconscious decision-making; mostly always driven by our need for safety.  This searching for safety, sorry to say, mostly, always recreates too in our relationships until we love ourselves whole again. What’s driving your decision-making? Let it be your heart!  

I trust myself to make choices is the affirmation that opens healing.  And if you receive some sort of life lesson that rocks your world, leaning into your trusting heart is a process too. Or go a little deeper:  I trust myself to make guided choices through my heart.  

I had a client who was just recently diagnosed with PCOS and came to me in a confused and heightened anxious state.  I asked her where these feelings seem to be within her body, mind, soul, and emotions.  What’s driving your decision-making? This question took her by surprise, and she realized they were in her neck.  The neck, which lives between her heart and her head was in between logic and emotions, and tightened up!  (Have you ever experienced this?)   

Join me and others as we connect more deeply.   Begin by writing down a daily affirmation, 3 times per day, and make a heart choice to which one resonates with you.  Stay connected and learn how I assisted my new client in moving through her decision-making and heart-connected living.  Stay tuned! 

You were never wrong my beautiful dear, you saw things clearly and you were always enough.  

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  1. Really good and informative blog.many gratitude.

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