What’s going on?

You are a soul with divine will that has an unlimited supply of love,
support and compassion. – KD

Good Golly, Miss Molly! Things are bats*it crazy, aren’t they! I was preparing to write an update and sat down and thought, “What the heck is happening?” The global shift from the old to the new way of being has collectively affected all aspects of our lives.

The resistance force to change is so kicked up with fear (ego) that our souls (the divine) are working hard to communicate, trying to remain in compassion. Day to day activities are in such upheaval and the polarity of views makes it feel as though our earth is rocking back and forth between the old and the new.

Taking a moment and stepping back I rediscovered this handout (above) that I use, which happens to be one of my favorites and one that I love! Some of you might be aware of it if you attended one of my live presentations.

I created the Soul Companion handout years ago. It shows the invisible parts of each of us and how these parts affect us within our emotional reactions to life, especially life under extreme pressure.

What your soul or divine part of you wants you to know is:

  • You are light and love.
  • Loved beyond measured.
  • With an unlimited supply of support, compassion and love.

What your ego part of you might be trying to share with you through your feelings:

  • Ego
  • Fear
  • Sadness
  • Disbelief

This is a powerful line: “The more important to the soul’s growth the more resistance force is felt”. Where the hell did that come back then? Our collective soul growth since March, 2020 IS SO IMPORTANT for our collective earth growth. We can’t go back to how it was.

We simply cannot and will not. So if you’re bumping up against great resistance within your personal journey to create your family within the fertility industry, confronting the world of the court systems, or perhaps your work world has shattered or your community is in crisis; it’s terrible, horrific growth. It doesn’t feel like growth or change but we are on the brink.

Take a moment and look at the Soul Companion handout (You can download it here.) Where do you find yourself right now? In fear or within love? Maybe within the neutral witnessing of yourself?

For me I’ve been like a jumping bean back and forth with big swings, and sometimes in the middle, and acting like my own neutral witness. What helps for me is to be really aware of my mind chatter and feeling the resistance force, asking what I am feeling and then communicating compassionately to myself and others, even if they are not acting in the same light or love. 1) Being Aware. 2) Feeling the feelings. 3) Asking about the feeling. 4) Compassionate self communication and interpersonal communication.

Try it!

Be strong in Love. Please. Please.Please.

Ready to Apply the Soul Companion Strategies? Take advantage of a complimentary conversation session. Please accept this gift and reach out if you need to talk!

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