Wide Awake

Do you wake in bliss every morning?  You could!  It comes from having spiritual practice even through the stinkiest, most challenging times.  If you heard me speak or read any of my work you’d know that part of my healing was cultivating a spiritual practice that I connect with daily.  As long as I can remember, upon waking and putting my feet on the ground I say out loud (sometimes with my eyes still closed and sleepy)  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you and it sets the tone for my day, the powerful tone. 

Each and every day if you commit to cultivating a spiritual practice,  whatever this means to you, you will foster a deep sense of calm and groundedness even if you have to fake it until you make it.  Calling in the desired emotion through your vision of living in your perfect future pulls it to you. Through my Everyday Certainty System, I share all the practices that pulled me out of my life’s darkness and through to the other side of the brokenness.  I know it works, it worked for me and hundreds of others. 


Journal Prompt:  Write down your perfect day and take a second to feel those emotions behind your future.  

I envision my ideal day to be…


I claim my happiness. 


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