Have the Winter Blues?

How are you sleeping?

If you’re feeling the winter blues then perhaps it could be you need more “ZZZZ”.

Try unplugging from your electronic devises an hour prior to bed to see how that helps you get the recommended 8 hours a night.


Does the thought of family conflict or bickering siblings have your anxiety level through the roof?

Here’s my go to line to avoid conflict: “I Understand”. It’s a neutralizing statement, even if you initially don’t understand their point of view saying those two words calms the situation.

Or perhaps it’s that ole perfectionism trait making you insane!

Simplify your offerings but make them perfect to you! And please actually schedule time for you to re-generate, re-organize (expectations) and re-invigorate your mind, body and soul! (Mercury is in retrograde and remember it’s all about adding “re” to the season!

Need an outside professional perspective?

I can help you get through the season with ease and a sprinkling of fun!

If you’re struggling right now a wellness check up coaching session might be just what you need.

For the holiday season I am offering a quick check in session of a half hour at a limited special rate of $85.00.

Click here to schedule your time today!

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