Witnessing Humanity: Finding Pure Love Amidst the Chaos

Witnessing Humanity: Finding Pure Love Amidst the Chaos

Have you found yourself bracing for deceit instead of trustworthy interaction lately? It seems the things that used to make us go “hmmmm…” have become the norm, and now, when we encounter genuine, balanced interactions, we find ourselves going “hmmm!!” in a different, almost nostalgic sense.

I often wonder what came first: the actions of deceit and negativity, or the perception of what I refer to as “ugliness”?

I don’t watch the news. I prefer to chat with people, both professionally and personally, who often ask, “Did you hear this?” or “Did you hear that?” Most of the time, the “this-ing and that-ing” is far from uplifting.

However, there was a moment that reminded me of humanity’s innate goodness. I was at the airport, awaiting my daughter’s arrival from overseas. It felt like that iconic scene from “Love Actually,” the one at the airport. There was excitement and graciousness towards both loved ones and strangers. There was patience as people waited for their special someone. There was a sense of safety in numbers and organized chaos. Plane load after plane load of international travelers poured out of the sliding doors, and the anticipation of those waiting matched the quick pace of the arriving passengers.

There wasn’t a single harsh word, not a hint of ugliness, no “What took you so long?!” Just greetings, living, and cheerful reconnections. It was a beautiful reminder that we need to witness humanity in a higher state of being, in a loving embrace for each other. That’s who we truly are—PURE LOVE.

I journal daily and write down affirmations: “I am Joy. I am Love. I am Peace. I am Power. I am Will. I am Fortitude. I am Gratitude.” Then I strive to radiate these qualities in my life.

In these moments of witnessing pure love and connection, I am reminded that despite the challenges and negativity, our true essence is one of love and joy. Let’s hold onto that and continue to nurture it in ourselves and others.

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