You’re Doing Better Than You Think

FLOW – Where your intention goes!

I think it is important to take a moment and recognize how much you have done and how far you have come. During those frequent moments of reflection on how far you’ve come, refocusing on the goal or intention, mainly on how your current feelings are about your goal or intention helps to keep you in your divine FLOW.

When experiencing my fertility challenges I had stages of acceptance and resistance to treatment and options. The best way through the feelings of resistance is to sit with the feelings that arise, take a moment to connect within your heart and be aware of a response from your heart.

For me, my goal or intention was to be a mom and at first I was so constrained about how becoming a mother would look that I closed out other options. It wasn’t until I softened and refocused on motherhood that I accepted other paths.

It was a process to become open. To accept the diagnosis and all the twists and turns with the treatments, the ups and downs and heartbreaking moments.

It was within the open hearted brokenness that I came to realize that “either through me or to me” my children would come.

When I had that epiphany I actually let go and realized all the actions I had taken to achieve motherhood.

How in the rearview mirror reflection I was actually handling my infertility like a BOSS! Reflection and re-examination of the process is part of the goal and growth. It is all one.

So, I am here to tell you, fertility warrior, I see you. I hear you. I acknowledge you. You’re powerful and fierce. You have walked a challenging path with grace. You have been knocked down and gotten up numerous times, summoned up your resilience and fortitude. You are simply amazing. And if your hope is waning, we (your invisible estrogen safety net) got you, we hold hope for you and your family because we know you’re doing better than you can see at this moment! And if you need us, we’re here, with unconditional love, support and sisterhood! You are never alone.

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