You Did My Girl Dirty, Martha

Back in April, Time 100 celebration was held and Taylor Swift was the final artist to perform a few songs. Martha Stewart was in attendance and, during Taylor Swift’s set, began posting very bad, no good, “aggressively zoomed” pictures of Swift on her Instagram account.

Regardless of whether you’re in or out of the Taylor Swift fan club, to be honest the pictures were not flattering. When I saw Martha’s numerous comments they were kind and complimentary but the pictures told a different story.

Was this being passive aggressive or simply the behavior of someone who doesn’t typically manage their own Instagram account? Either way, I agree wholeheartedly with what BuzzFeed Staff writer Matt Stopera wrote. And I too love everything about this!

Basically within the comments there are three camps: 1) Defending Taylor, 2) Thought the pictures were good pictures, and 3) Had no clue what was going on!

I was in group number 3! Laughing so hard! Especially at this comment that has become my own personal meme, that I have used over and over again.

You did my girl dirty Martha.

That line makes me giggle each and every time I read and say it!

I have been using it over and over again and it still sends me into a laughing fit. And then the people around me don’t laugh and that causes me to laugh harder and longer.

For example, living with my 20- & 15-year-old you would think that they would have an awareness as to when there is no toilet paper, and to replace it!? But NO! It doesn’t matter what time of day, what day of the week it is when I use “their bathroom”, there is NO toilet paper.

I even purchased a sparkling new toilet paper holder that holds three rolls, and put it under the one in use. Still there is NO toilet paper!

I scream out loud “You did my girl dirty Martha!” and die laughing. It just happened again this morning!! AGAIN!! No TP! I yelled out: “Martha!!!!! You did my girl dirty!” (referring to myself) My daughter’s reply: “How am I supposed to know to answer to Martha?” The real question is how can two people just plain not fill the toilet paper?!!!!

So why am I sharing my personal toilet paper gate with you?

Just like the views of those photos we all have our own associations with our life experiences, sometimes taking a strong stance of defense, sometimes going with the flow and thinking all is well, and sometimes REALLY not understanding what the hell is happening!

Even the mundane toilet paper replenishing conundrum.

I think #4 is doing ourselves dirty. When we make a choice that is not in alignment with our highest and best because we’re carrying old worn out beliefs that we’re still slugging around with ourselves. I have come to believe that we create duality within and sometimes make a choice from our worn out internal programing and internal conversations.

Lucky for us we always have “choice” and free will to choose again and use our own personal discernment. Pausing in a self query and asking “is this choice I am making for my highest and personal best?”

And if we get a no… a sense, a feeling or a body reaction that points to a BIG NO, then take a moment to reassess and make another choice that doesn’t do yourself or another person dirty! Little shift make for big changes.

Hopefully for my household, the first shift will be in better toilet paper replacement awareness!

With love and fun for a wonderfully 4th of July!

Kristen (AKA Martha)

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