You Know!

Do you hear and honor your inner knowing?  

I have an example of the most recent time that I sure didn’t honor my inner whisperings, it’s when I broke my ankle.   In a self-imposed rush that I created,  I tried and failed to carry all the cushions from my outside furniture down into the garage, at that time it was almost as if I was over-talking my loud inner self knowing that was saying “this was a bad choice”.

Basically, shhing it!  But I knew and kept on disregarding the inner shouting and rush, fell down the deck stairs, broke my right ankle, and was unable to drive for about 5 months due to breaking the right ankle!  I sat down hard and within the self-judgment, I questioned my old patterns.  

Inner wisdom or woman’s intuition our feminine GPS from our inner selves,  guides, or angels has been muted by the current state of world awareness.  What I have found working with women going through traumatic,  sometimes toxic,  life changes is that during this time of pressure, our spiritual “Spidey-Senses Tingling”  are in overdrive.  And we are actually in a state of deeper knowing.  The opening into the life-changing initiations to change creates the “fuel” for a deeper soul connection and turns up the volume, there are things we know that we know, that we know we know but we pretend not to.  

Connecting to your inner knowing

When a fertility coaching client called me in distress that her last treatment cycle resulted in a negative outcome I could feel her panic decision-making approaching her next step.  Working together, she grounded and we did a powerful exercise to access “what she knew that she didn’t know” through her overthinking state of mind.  

Through this process, she clearly stated that her body was overstimulated.  She was overstimulated.  Her body knew.  My client settled into her body and realized that her cycle protocol needed to be adjusted and was too much for her body and emotions. Armed With her inner guidance and message, she tried one more cycle which resulted in a positive result; her daughter is now four months old.  She knew!

Journal Prompt – Start by:  Asking your powerful divine inner knowing what you need to know today!  Write out the question and let your pen go wild!   What is the inner information that I need today? (your inner 411)  Do you know what that means?  You can still dial “411” for information on anyone who has their number listed) 

Affirmation  I am open to my own inner  knowing and healing powers 

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