Your Body Doesn’t Know How To Lie

Five Weeks Five Tips to Cultivate Self-Love – Week 4

Cultivating self-love and appreciation for your body is critical as all of us are brought up within the societal culture of body shaming and comparing (see Week 1).

You are You!

This is the amazing functioning body that you were gifted with upon entering this mystical earth planet. Your body has innate wisdom and deep love. Practice connecting and listening within. It tells you the truth.

Love Talk

Ask your body questions and, as woo-woo as this might sound, it will respond. Holding a self-loving conversation with your body is a sure-fire way to create this feedback loop of seeing you for who you truly are and loving you. Bless your body with soft talk such as “I so appreciate everything you do each and every day” and “I do notice all the invisible ways you support me.”


I promise to be kind to myself.
I am thankful.
I deserve to fill space.
I am powerful.

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