How’s your creative power? Call in your inner Aphrodite!

April is named after Aphrodite and is a perfect time for all of us to call in our inner Aphrodite (or her Roman counterpart Venus) and focus on our feminine power.

Creative Power or Fertility Power lies in understanding what patterns we create that block our creative energy or flow for fertility related issues and all areas of our life.

You can take a moment and do some inner searching by answering the following questions:

1) What habit can I create to connect to my inner Aphrodite?

You could wear a special shade of lipstick, a piece of jewelry, and a hot pair of shoes; paint your fingernails or toenails pink, dance or sing. Go shopping for new workout attire or purchase some temporary tattoos and use them at will!

What feels right for your to connect to that “girl” part of you?

2) How do I give my feminine power away?

Perhaps by not speaking my truth, or going along with a routine or habit instead of listening to my inner wisdom screaming out it is time to change?

Aphrodite who represents unabashed feminine energy; unabashed is defined as not embarrassed, disconcerted or ashamed. Right now, would you describe your feminine energy that way?

Go ahead and channel Aphrodite and get connected to how truly powerful you are!

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