Theme – Filing for Divorce: Before, During & After

Joanie Winburg

Conscious Parenting During and After Divorce – Are you emotionally supporting your children?

Debra Clement, Esq

3 Legal & Spiritual Tools You Need to Know When Divorcing

Heather Quick

Women’s Guide for Filing for Divorce – What you should do before filing

Theme – Now What? Managing the New Normal

Trissan Dicomes

Better Communication with the BIFF Response

Angie Atkinson

Managing the New Normal, especially when dealing with a NBPD

Kim Saeed

Life Begins After No Contact

Theme – The Divorce Tsunami: Healing Your Mind, Body & Soul

Kristen Darcy

Divorcing With Grace

Marc Sklar

Supercharge Your Body by Becoming Aware & Managing Your Body’s Response to Stress

Theme – The Financial Consequences of Divorce

Bonnie Kirchner

Who Can You Trust With Your Money?

Cary Carbonaro

After Divorce – How to be the Queen of Your Finances – You can reign financially after divorce!

Theme – Happily Ever After: A Stronger Happier You!

Dr. John Gray

Mars and Venus: Divorcing

Dr. Diana Kirschner

Say Goodbye to Your Inner Critic!

Need more support before, during and after your high conflict divorce?


The Divorcing Intact Coaching Group is hosted by Kristen Darcy. She’s been where you are and shares her own journey, her hard-won wisdom along with proven healing techniques and strategies for dealing with a narcissistic ex (Borderline Personality or not).

Come and join the sisterhood of women who understand, in a small private coaching group (anonymous option available).

Space is limited to a small and intimate group.

Divorcing Intact Coaching Group