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Watch Page: Friday June 17th


9am Eastern – Rob & Ben Clyde
If I could tell you


Watch the trailer to “If I Could Tell You”



10am Eastern – Jonathan Boldt
Laugh it out: Sharing your story and building a support system



11am Eastern – Anonymous Story
Turtle Sacks: A Chinese tale of two balls

This tale, submitted anonymously, is based on a true story and is a simple, beautiful portrayal of the emotional and social pressures that many men face in silence.

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Noon Eastern – Greg Wolfe
Fatherhood: Getting in touch with your desire to be a father



1pm Eastern – Wendy Litner
How to buy a baby


Watch the trailer to “How to Buy a Baby”



2pm Eastern – Amanda Micheli
Have A Baby Documentary


Watch the trailer to “Have a Baby”



3pm Eastern – Anonymous Story
That moment you find out you have crap sperm…

This anonymous post was written in honor of the Making Dad’s summit and Men’s Health Month. Male infertility is much more common than we are led to believe. Millions of men carry this burden in silence. By breaking the silence, we can have conversations that heal, that offer hope and that advance our understanding of this difficult condition.

To read this story, click here.


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