Wednesday – June 13th
Intimacy & fertility after cancer

Thanks to amazing advancements in medicine, there has been a dramatic rise in cancer survivors. Cancer survival can leave lasting marks on your relationships, your intimacy, sexual health and fertility. We will talk about how to walk through treatment together, put your life back together afterwards and the steps to take to build or grow your family following treatment.

About Leslie R. Schover, PhD

Leslie R. Schover, PhD is a clinical psychologist and founder of, offering award-winning, personalized self-help programs for men or women to prevent or overcome cancer-related problems with sexuality or fertility. She was Assistant Professor of Psychology in Urology at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center from 1982-1986 and served as Staff Psychologist at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation until 1999. She then returned to MD Anderson Cancer Center, becoming a tenured full professor in 2003. She retired in 2016 to devote full time to Will2Love.

About David Dachinger & Tamara Green

David Dachinger & Tamara Green are the co-founders of Loving Meditations and international bestselling authors of their book, Live Calm With Cancer (and Beyond…). David is a featured author, fire lieutenant and Grammy® nominated composer and stage-4 cancer survivor. Tamara is an author, speaker and trainer, dubbed by Elle Magazine as “The Soul-centered Psychotherapist and Meditation Facilitator.” and featured as a behavioral health expert on Together, this married couple creates mindful wellness stress reduction programs to empower cancer patients, survivors and caregivers with self-love and self-care on their healing journey, from diagnosis to survivorship.

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2. Homework

Bring up your concerns about cancer, sex, and fertility. Don’t wait for your oncology team to raise the issue! You can use Dr. Shover’s 3-step action plan to get started!
BRING IT UP! Cancer, sex and fertility action plan

3. More resources

Will2Love has partnered with the American Cancer Foundation to learn how to better support cancer survivors and their partners overcome challenges with sexual health, intimacy and family building. Learn more

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