Thursday – June 14th
Been There Done That

Struggling with fertility can feel incredibly isolating. You are not alone! Honest conversation with men who have been through it can help you think of new ways to cope with stress, tweaks to improve your health and how to improve communication with your partner as you navigate this thing called babymaking together.

About Jay Naab

Jay Naab is your average guy who loves beer, sports and trivia. When he and his wife struggled to conceive their second child, he realized that some bad habits had caught up to him. He made a commitment to getting his health on track and was able to double (triple?) his sperm count in a few months. A few months ago, he welcomed his new daughter, Cora.

Take Action

1. Your free giveaway

Guide to shared journaling: Reboot your Love Story! When faced with creating your family outside the privacy of your bedroom perhaps a love story reboot is needed? Just like all the discussion around a Star Wars reboot or the comic world reboot, returning to your original love story can foster a strong sense of connection and love for each other.

This process helps to reconnect the neural pathways in your brain that initially attracted you to one another, and can be a great way to re-live those exciting first moments and build upon them in the present.


2. Homework

Try creating a shared journal with your partner as a new way to express and share thoughts and emotions that are difficult to talk about.

3. Connect with others who’ve been there.

You don’t have to go through this alone. The internet is an amazing tool to connect with millions of other people who are going through similar things. Here are a few places where you might find people to talk to:

Don’t Cook your Balls Forum: An anonymous forum to discuss anything and everything related to men’s sexual and reproductive health, family building and infertility.

DI Dads: A closed Yahoo group explicitly for men who are considering or who have used donor sperm to become fathers.

r/maleinfertility: A subreddit dedicated to male infertility.

Keep Watching

Here are more interviews with men who’ve been through it.

Interviews with experts who have worked with hundreds of people going through infertility provide some thoughts on how to handle struggles with heartache, intimacy, communication and stress:

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