Friday – June 15th
Improve your fertility naturally

Taking steps to live better can go a long way to improving your fertility, your health and your outlook on life. Yoga is one way to do that. Many men shy away from yoga due to fears of not being flexible enough or it not being rigorous enough workout. In this session we discuss if it is possible to get ripped doing yoga and specific benefits of yoga for men who are trying to become dads.

About Tristan Gatto

Tristan Gatto (PTA, E-RYT 500) is the yoga instructor you’ve been waiting for! He is the creator of the DailyOM top-selling courses, 14 Day Spinal Reset and 21 Day Yoga Shred for Men. He is a licensed PTA in the State of California. From retirees to celebrities, Tristan has instructed and created custom yoga practices for all fitness levels from beginners to advanced yogis. With a close focus on anatomical movement, proper alignment, and safe therapeutic practice, Tristan has an intense passion for teaching healthy movement courses made for everyone! He lives by the motto, “OWN YOUR BADASSERY!” He resides and teaches in Los Angeles, CA.

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GOOD EATS: A man’s guide to optimizing nutrition for sperm health: Like embryos, sperm are fast dividing cells that are constantly being generated inside the testicle. Good nutrition is critical to ensure cellular division happens properly. This guide reviews some of the essentials for how men should eat when trying to conceive.


2. Homework

Make a commitment to your health. Identify one small thing you’d like to change and commit to doing it for the next 30 days.

3. Resources

Not sure what will help? Here are a few resources:

Trak Sperm: Health & Fertility App: The Trak App contains a comprehensive health assessment that provides personalized recommendations for health and habit changes that are likely to have the biggest impact on your fertility.

20 Simple ways to boost your sperm count: Here’s a quick list of some of the most well-researched habits that are known to have an impact on male fertility.

How long does it take to improve sperm count?: Here’s a quick review of literature to give you a sense of how long it might take to see a difference.

Testicular cooling: Does it work?: Cooling is a simple thing that seems to make a difference for many men. Here’s an article on what science knows about this unusual way to improve fertility.

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