3 Simple Steps to Finding a Healthy Balance

By Jana Beeman, a Board Certified Health, Nutrition and Fitness Practitioner, international speaker, and is regularly featured on Spirit Radio and Womens Radio.

Ok, everyone’s talking about New Year’s resolutions, losing weight or getting more fit in the new year. And the sad truth is… most of those resolutions will fail.


Because people dive into things in an all or nothing way, and that’s not how you form new habits.

Want to learn some new life habits that will have you feeling better in no time? Here are three simple steps:

  • Drink more water – you can start this habit simply by getting a couple of BPA-free water bottles, keeping one on your desk/workspace and one in your bathroom. Every morning, chug that bottle of water before you even get in the shower. Then refill the bottle and have it ready for tomorrow. When that becomes easy, add chugging that bottle in your workspace. The goal will be to increase to 4 bottles a day.

One benefit: When you start the day with water, you’ll drink more water all day, and you’ll crave less food!

  • Drink less caffeine – How many caffeinated drinks do you have a day between coffee, tea, soda, and even energy drinks and sports drinks? Just replace one a day with a big glass of water, maybe with a squeeze of lemon and some stevia for sweetness.

When you’re comfortable with that first replacement, go for another. Herbal tea, stevia-sweetened lemonade, water with unsweetened fruit juice (lemon, lime, raspberries…), sparkling water all count as hydration. Did you know that caffeine actually dehydrates the body? You actually have to drink MORE water when you drink caffeinated drinks, so this way, you’ll feel more energetic and have less inflammation in the body caused by caffeine that makes you age faster.

  • Reduce your sugar – Sugar causes inflammation in the body and hides in all kinds of foods. Even some French fries contain sugar! Instead of heading to the candy machine when that 3pm energy drop happens, treat yourself to an apple with some nut butter and feel a stronger, longer-lasting surge of energy. Other options might be carrot sticks and hummus, a tangerine and handful of almonds, some fresh veggies and sunflower seeds. Try a few things and see what you like!

We are given one body and one life. Treat your body well, and you’ll enjoy a longer and healthier life.

For more health tips and info, check out http://www.balancedlifetoday.com.

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