Joyful Memories

Years ago during the holiday season, I was focused on a miracle, knowing I was at the beginning of an IVF cycle, with drugs “in the cue”.

I was intending to conceive naturally, even after being told by my doctor that wasn’t going to happen. If you looked at me on paper, the statistics weren’t good. I was 39 and testing showed I had no tubal functioning so the chances were slim to none.

Regardless of the black and white evidence, I was holding a space for that miraculous moment when two double purple lines would appear on the stick!!!

And that’s what happened! Though all the evidence was stacked against this miraculous surprise, I wasn’t going to stop holding the space for the possibility. I’ve said this before, but if I could get a do-over or mulligan, I would want to be in joyful reverence for me and my life at the time. I would not have held myself so constrained energetically about the creative process.

Reading this, you might be thinking that I’m an old timer and out of touch with what you are emotionally experiencing. But that isn’t the case. Normally this month I would have written about how to get through holiday festivities, but I wanted to share a different type of blog because I wish I had shifted from a “getting through mind set” to a “creating memories mindset.” My awareness wasn’t broad enough at the time to realize that it would be the last holiday season I would be a single girl, so to speak, and not a mother.

The sad truth is that holiday season was unremarkable because I was solely focused on the upcoming cycle. Was there going to be one? When would it start? Did I have everything I needed?

Duh!!! We always have everything we need! We just forget!

So this month, which is probably jammed packed with parties, celebrations and happenings, I would like to live vicariously through you and experience my mulligan!

Will you play along?

What I know now that I wish I knew and lived then is that focusing on the joyful memories of the holidays and creating that sparkle within will make your holidays remarkable.

Whether you’re trying to conceive solo, or within a partnership, adding a sprinkling of flirtatious energy to yourself or your relationship will create neural connections that will trigger memories of this time.

Give yourself or you and your partner a sparkly flirtatious holiday season and make memories for you to honor this time.

Bring in the creative energy and focus on loving-kindness because what if this is the last holiday season you’re not parents. What do you want to remember?

I am excited to share a blog from Tamara Green about A Sparkly Flirty Holiday along with Marc Sedaka, author of What he Can Expect When She’s Not Expecting. During the “It’s a Guy Thing Summit,” Marc shared something that just stuck with me: Fertility is the wedding and creating your family, in whatever way it takes, is the marriage. Listen to Marc Sedaka read his book “What He Can Expect When She’s Not Expecting.”

Great Blessings,

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