Staying Strong & Resilient Around Mother’s Day

Mothers Day It was early last Sunday morning and the house was still quiet.  

Hot coffee in hand, I sat at my kitchen table and grabbed the top magazine in my pile of waiting magazine subscriptions.  Flipping open the cover, I read my favorite section within this publication, the statistic page directly opposite from the  contributing writers section which quickly took my attention.  

There, staring back at me, were baby pictures. Under all of those adorable faces appeared “so and so daughter of ______.” After all, it was the May issue.  

Then just like a wave, a sense of sadness washed over me. 

Even years after my fertility challenges and loss, I was struck with the bombardment of Mother’s Day messaging. I felt profound empathy for women and men still in process, who like me back then, wanted to leap frog over May into July; to move through Mother’s Day and Father’s Day all together.

Sitting there, the second wave washed over the first and brought me to thinking about what I would have said if I was a contributing writer.  “Would I have said: Lost Baby, son of and daughter of Kristen Darcy?” 

Well, what I know now that I wish I knew then is to ‘allow.’  

Allow that out-of-left-field triggered emotion to roll over you. Feel it and be with it as much as humanly possible, with out self-judgment.  

Then love yourself by setting healthy boundaries around any person, place or thing that is not lifting you up at this time, knowing that this too shall shift and change like the story of your life.  

Finally, by being in the sense of ‘allowing’ you are acknowledging that part of you that needs attention and TLC and healing.  

Healthy boundaries are healthy boundaries. Self love through non-judgment is the most powerful way to be within any life challenge or trauma.  

Know that there is a beginning, middle and end to any struggle and that during this time, you are not alone.   

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