Wicked Busy

I grew up in Western Massachusetts using a slang or colloquial expression – Wicked!  For us, when Wicked is added to any adjective it bumps it up to the tenth degree.

Wicked Cool! Which means it is so cool it is almost unimaginable.  Wicked Hot! Of course this means it’s so hot, you sweat sitting still. Wicked lost!  You have NO clue where you are or where you are going. But the experience is Wicked!

I still find myself using Wicked.  Wicked Cool rolls off my tongue as quickly as if I’m still ten.

But recently I have been attaching Wicked to a not so positive frame of mind.  Wicked Tired! I’m often wicked tired, which means bone tired. Or Wicked Busy! Which for me means I can’t catch my breath. And the universal wicked crazy, which for me means locking myself in the cellar, barefoot with 10 inches of snow outside. And I had to call my neighbor to come and let me out!

I caught myself the other day mid-wicked and stopped.

It dawned on me that I was using Wicked while not honoring the essence of wicked!  I was wicked busy but loving every moment of it. So why was I feeling that I was disrespecting wicked? I was Wicked Tired but that was because I was able to use my body all day for doing what I love to do.  The cellar thing, we’ll just chalk it up to a Lucy Ricardo moment.

Anyway, I think I felt as though I was losing that childlike excitement behind Wicked and for a moment I felt a pang of sadness.  Then something ironic happened. I overheard my son say to my daughter “Hey Gracie, that is a Wicked awesome drawing”.  Wicked awesome superseding wicked cool!

In that instant I realized for me it was just a momentary loss of wickedness.

So why should you care about Wicked?

It is because there is great energy behind the words we use and their intent.  I am very aware of how I speak to my children, friends, family, my clients and co-workers but most importantly how I speak to myself mentally.

When you find yourself in a full blow loss of wickedness, you need to stop and ask yourself why?

Feelings, thoughts and action are all connected.

Being aware of your intention behind your words help to keep the mind, body and soul in the proper balance.  Remember the old saying, “sticks and stones will break my bones but names can never hurt me”.  It was wicked wrong!

Words carry so much power that one of most important things you can do is be aware of your language pattern and consciously use language that empowers you and brings in light.

I promise. Changing your language will change your life for the better. Wicked Better!







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