Poverty, Narcissistic Abuse & Divorce

Poverty, Narcissistic Abuse & Divorce are on every level of Divorcing a narcissistic person. It is difficult on so many levels.  Emotionally debilitating or overwhelming (you might want to read my blog Are You Feeling this?) and financially devastating.   Divorcing or separating mothers are 2.83 times more likely to be in poverty than those who remain married. Following a divorce, women are more likely to be impoverished than men. 

This is a hard statistic Especially for women (the protective mother ) 30% of women live in poverty post-divorce. 

Divorced women may face a higher risk of poverty due to reduced household income, loss of shared assets, increased expenses, and potential ongoing legal battles and exasperated expenses associated with the divorce process. The financial impact can be particularly pronounced for women who were financially abused and re-abused by the failing court system.

What do you need: 

A coach to help you unravel the emotional toxicity and heal. 

A sisterhood of others who have a shared experience and hard-won wisdom that can provide support (group coaching) 

A well educated savvy divorce legal team who understands a high-conflict narcissistic ex 

A financial go to a person who’s focused on financially protecting you before, during, and post-divorce.  

A lot of women face financial hardship, bankruptcy, and poverty due to the broken system for dealing with chronic,  blatant narcissistic abuse. Unfortunately,  if this is consistent with your situation (divorcing a narcissistic ex)  You ARE not alone.  Reach out for support and sign up for a complimentary initial coaching session.  You can also watch the Divorcing Intact One Day Event on my youtube channel. 


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