Narcissus! Daffodil Me Please! Ensure My Happiness!

There was a forecast for more snow this week, so I have been taking advantage of Trader’s Joe’s Fearless Flyer special on daffodils, also known as narcissus flowers. They’re only $1.49 per bunch and I have been buying them for everyone I have been meeting in person. I want to give these winter-weary New Englanders a sunny symbol of happiness and a hopeful sign of spring in the middle of this very long grey winter!

DaffodilsDaffodils also are called lent lilies. Folklore indicates they are a sign of winter’s end as well as lucky emblems of future prosperity. You might be asking why the long explanation of the daffodil?

It goes back to self-love and self-nurturing! So I set my intention to share this bright, cheery flower with all and systematically went about putting them around my home, including in the bathrooms, on the kitchen counter, on nightstands, etc. At $1.49 a bunch, I was up to $6.00, right? That way, when someone entered the room, the energy of hope and spring filled the air. The bright yellow flowers were saying “Hold on, soon you’ll be wearing flip flops and the windows will be open. A new beginning is coming with spring.” My shoulders dropped again, even though it is freezing cold with temperatures of 7 degrees!

At least in my mind that was what the intent would produce, but here’s what really happened. My fellow housemates, my children, didn’t even notice the beaming yellow flowers of smiles! At the dinner table I said: “Wow, those daffodils are really brightening up my day. Aren’t they beautiful?”

In unison, they replied “What daffodils?”

“Really, really… you didn’t notice the daffodils right here on the counter? Or the bunches in the bathrooms? Or the ones on your nightstand?”

I received looks of confusion from my two cherubs followed by silence…

I thought for a second about what this meant to me, i.e., they did not notice the daffodils. Did they not appreciate my efforts to make their environment more comfortable and hopeful? I asked: ”Are your eyes pasted on?“

As those thoughts and feelings washed over me, I let them pass. I realized this was a wonderful lesson reminding me of intention. My intent was to bring joy and the hope of getting through the winter by sharing some happiness and beauty!

The funny thing is, however, when I removed the daffodils after they wilted and before I got new ones from Trader Joe’s, I heard “Where are the daffodils?”

The “ah ha” moment is this… self- care, self nurture, and self-happiness are just that – about the self!

So what beauties are you missing in your every day life? And how is your “self-care stamina”? Meaning, are you fulfilling your self -needs and not looking outward for approval?

Sometimes appreciating everyday beauty (within and without) doesn’t happen until it is brought into awareness. Knowing your own needs and honoring them is what needed right now!

Have a daffodilly wonderful day!



(Originally Published on March 5, 2014)

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