Slap Happy

Can you remember the last time you were within a pure bliss moment when you forgot about time and space, a moment that might be classified as “slap happy”? Do you remember the feeling of being totally lost in the silly, dazed, punch-drunk joyful flow of the energy wave of bliss to the point that you felt seamless with your surroundings and your perception of that instant was forever marked within you? The other day, my daughter, Grace, and I had just that moment. Our moment of slap happiness was the result of one of us saying something totally stupid, which began the progression into crazy, unabashed laughter. When we stopped laughing, my daughter looked at me and told me she felt safe. I was struck by her words. She felt safe within the loss of control of being joyful. We will remember that moment forever because it satiated our senses. It reminded me of the movie “Monsters Inc.,” where the heroes Sully and Mike Wazowski change the “scaring” energy industry to a “laughing” energy industry. The lightness of laughter – giggly, smiley, boogie blowing out of your nose, crazy release of emotional love laughter – connects directly to our soul because we are light, love, peace, joy, slap happy and trusting by nature. We want to live a life that has more of the pure bliss moments and the sense of safety in joy. More often the heartbreaking moment is sometimes perceived as out of reach, but that is not a perception of truth. But how do we live in joy? I have an idea! So this month during the holiday of giving thanks, I am challenging all of us to get our slap happy/silly on and to reboot our neural connection so it is stronger for joy! During a Thanksgiving long ago, my sister brought each family member a hand pump to blow up balloons. That year at the very beautifully decorated Thanksgiving Day table, we had a huge balloon fight. It was a bit over the top for some of the family members, but it is one of my children’s fondest memories of our past holidays. There at my “Martha Stewart” decorated Thanksgiving table, we just went at it like we were in the movie “Full Metal Jacket”! If that is too over the top, perhaps renting and watching “Monsters, Inc.” is sure to induce a slap happy moment rather than a turkey tryptophan sleep-induced coma! Are you going to take the challenge, not to override your traditions, but to supplement them with satiating each other’s soul through joyfulness? Because at the end of the day it is the choice to perceive your life in one of two ways: what is right or what is wrong. Remember, we truly are safe and slap happy by nature. Sending love for a holiday filled with forever grateful moments marked within you forever! Gobble gobble. slap·hap·py adj. slap·hap·pi·er, slap·hap·pi·est Slang 1. Dazed, silly, or incoherent from or as if from blows to the head; punch-drunk. 2. Happy-go-lucky. Great Blessings, Kristen

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