The Secret of Magic

Did you ever feel as though you’re on the outside looking in? As you watch others live, you might feel as though they have it all together and their existence seems as  “pretty as a picture.”

Remembering back to my fertility challenged days, it seemed that everyone around me was getting pregnant at a drop of a hat.  It appeared they would think about conception and, bing, bang, boom, they were with child!

The “on the outside looking in” feeling can bring a sense of loneliness and isolation.  You might  feel that the flow of creation is moving freely and swiftly for others, but your life flow has a gigantic beaver damn in the middle!

A few months ago, I wrote about the word abracadabra and how its translation is “as I say so shall it be.”  Keeping with the magic theme, I had an opportunity this week to see a friend’s magic show.  He opened his act with a brief discussion of how magic is an illusion and how a magician’s job is to make you believe in something that is not there.  He then went on to show the audience, in real time, the secret of one of his tricks.

Being, seeing and then knowing the secret of a magic trick brought a sense of awe and a connection to certainty.  When you experience any creation journey, you can be certain that the one thing that will be certain is uncertainty.

So, what can you do when you find yourself with that “outside looking in feeling?”

Remind yourself that you’ve been in the middle of uncertainty before and that now you have the skills and knowledge of how this feels, as well as what you need to do to move through this time.

Using the magician as an example, we all can use power words to interrupt the language that keeps us separate from others and in a victim’s position.  What are power words or a mantra that you could use consistently to propel you forward?  What image or reminder can you activate to interrupt the cloudiness and bring back your awareness from the illusion of temporary uncertainty, the feeling that you are separate from the flow.

We all have the innate ability to stay in the flow of creation, and peace is always available to us.  It takes practice to remember that when we go into the uncertainty, we must remind ourselves of what we’ve learned before and then flow towards certainty once again.

I really do believe that the magician pulled a rabbit out of a hat right before my eyes!  Do you?



(Originally Published August 20, 2012)

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