Stay Patient. Change Takes Time.

Would you consider yourself an impatient person? My answer would be sometimes….  I’m not sure if anxiety produces impatience or focus but when my mind is made up and the goal is clear I have no tolerance (well I used to) for interruption and roadblocks. Stay Patient. Change Takes Time.

Did you answer? Do you consider yourself a patient person?  

Over the course of my life’s journey, I had learned positive self-talk awareness and when feelings of impatience popped up I would say to myself as a pep talk and a reminder that “Change takes time, be patient with yourself”.  

This mantra was at the ready when the pain of a challenging situation was too much to bear and I just wanted it over or the big picture aka the desired outcome to appear. How do you keep the larger content in mind?  Do you remind yourself of your long-term goal?  Or ask how the current situation fits into your overall journey. 

My diagnosis of infertility sent me into a tailspin of impatience.  From my perspective now, looking back it was a rough, heartbreaking road and the journey was longer than others but uniquely mine, and I wouldn’t change anything. 

The balance of impatience and doing was so hard then, and the change of creating another human and becoming a totally different person, a mother, was my cherished long-term goal. 

Keep reading for tips and strategies!

  1. Document your journey because we forget and with time comes a shift in perspective.  By journaling or documenting (what way you feel most comfortable with) you can track your progress and reflect on how far you’ve come.  And dare I say celebrate small victories.

  2. Uncertainty Stinks!  Learning to embrace the unknown can be tricky and is part of the growth process which does bring into view new possibilities.

  3. Building your inner circle is a must during times of high-stress change.  You never know what a chance meeting or connection can open up for you.  Fellow travelers with like-minded goals bring a sense of connection and understanding.

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