Are You Alone on Valentine’s Day?


Whether you’re feeling alone in your life or your relationship or are actually alone (meaning no love partner or perhaps recently single through a divorce), the sense of “Aloneness” can be felt most deeply on February 14th!

So what can you do for yourself on the day of love when you’re just not feeling it at all?

Here are some simple things you can do to feel better immediately:

Inhale: Be aware of your breath. Inhale focusing on being aware of how your breath feels. Fill your lungs with loving white light.

Exhale: On your exhale, breathe out your sadness, your sense of isolation and the weight of your heavy emotions. Focus your exhale on where the emotion is within your body and be mindful of that location.

Repeat:  Inhale love, exhale sadness and isolation.

Your breath is constant and cleansing. As you regain awareness of your full breath, you naturally bring yourself into the present moment.   This powerful breathing exercise will relax you, calm you and ground you.

Relax:  Oh My Amygdala!  Feelings of isolation and fear are triggered by the part of your brain called the amygdala. It is the alarm center of the brain and it shuts down the logical, analytical thought processes. Instead you are left with unconscious defensive responses.

What we need to do when our amygdala is triggered,  so we can quiet that defensive response is to focus on self-love and self-care. Believe it not, self-love starts in the brain.

So how do we love our brains into relaxation?

Allow:  Allow the feeling.  Don’t push, shove or repress feelings of sadness or fear. Just allow them.  Use these intense feelings instead to take action in your life.

Feel and release!  (Just like in fishing!) Feel the emotions. Go to your breath, bring awareness and relax the whole body. Feel your emotions and let them go so that you can truly love yourself.

Breath, relax, allow….

Allow yourself to love you, exactly where you are right now. Find the divine in this very moment because through the pain there is growth, even if you feel alone.

End:  By saying “I love you” to you!!!


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