Calm From The Inside Out

There is a shift happening about calming or soothing. It’s not necessarily a great big back study but something that is infusing the consciousness of like-minded individuals.

Your heart is the mind regulator. The brain and heart are synced and talk to each other constantly: “Hey Brain, how’s the weather up there!” (that’s what I think the conversation would go like) but in actuality it’s my belief the heart is the controller in our entire system and when we settle into a heart way of being magic happens.

Hence, I changed my work to be called Heart Centered Coaching and Healing.

The heart truly knows the past, present and future simultaneously and when you tap into the heart calm, life shifts.

If you’re anxious, upset, angry, not calm, cool and collected, the most effective way to instantly calm yourself is the heart activating breath. (If you’re dealing with a medical diagnosis, trauma or heart break, how can you not be anxious or angry, right?)

Try this!


In through your nose and imagine you’re filling your heart with air. Just as your lungs expand, so does your heart center.

Another breathe in through your nose, out your heart. Your heart space widens and encompasses your shoulders now.

Another breath in through your nose and out your heart. Your heart space is now an oval emcompasses your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body.

Is the triggered anxiety or anger discharged? If not, go back to the triggered point but this time through your calm centeredness of heart space.

Does it feel different? If not, stay in the stillness of your own heart for a few moments asking for assistance to move through the feelings. Name them don’t claim them!

Journal Prompt

Given that it is the beginning of the month, how about trying a thought list? (This is in line with a gratitude list.)

Jot down happy memories or something you’re looking forward to this month. When you have a down moment (usually when our thoughts take over), re-read your list and breathe through your expanded heart center.

Click here to download the journal prompt.


As I expand my heart, I relax and slow my breathing, anxiety flows out.

There’s no obstacle that I can’t overcome.

I look forward to a happy, bright, fun future.

I am right where I need to be.

I do the best I can.

I am safe.

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