Struggling With Anxiety?

Struggling with your anxiety? Let’s plan and declutter!

I go old school when my anxiety is off the charts! By old school I mean paper to pen, plan my week and then my day by writing down lists.

There is something centering about pen to paper. It activates both sides of your brain and quiets your amadela (the stress center in your brain).

Even if your plan goes haywire, organizing your day or week calms the brain chatter. And if you couple it with breathing when you feel your jaw tighten and your shoulders around your ears, it will shift the struggle.

Block out time to do the mundane activities of daily life but make sure to schedule some self care and fun! Even if you plan a date for yourself it gives you something to look forward to and quiet your mind.

You know I’m the Queen of Sticky Notes but you can write it out in a fancy way in a planner, a slip of paper or journal.

Decluttering too helps calm the mind. Block off five minutes a day to declutter one area of your living/work space. What I have come to learn about myself and my clients is that an increase in anxiety levels can relate to a visually messy or unorganized space.

I know when I do my daily to-do list and I complete it, the invisible daily chores (if that’s the right word) become visible and accountable…. Something to celebrate!

Journal Prompt (Writing Exercise)

It’s assigning blocks of time to do a task!

Organize your day! Block off time and assign time to your activities. See how you feel by doing this exercise. Does it bring in calm and peace or increase your activities?

Click here to download the journal prompt.


I look forward to a happy, bright, fun future.

I do the best I can.

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