Do you leave tracks?

“Whatever you choose to do, leave tracks. That means don’t do it just for yourself. You will want to leave the world a little better for your having lived.” 

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Growing up in a household where service was an integrated part of my family’s lives.  My mother was the sole breadwinner and head of the household medical administrative executive (when that was rare) and the example of leaving tracks.  Virginia, aka Ginger, helped start the soup kitchen/food pantry in our town and was also helping on the board of the local women’s shelter at the same time.  My beloved mom passed in 2013, it will be ten years this year, and my sister and I are still dedicated to providing a Christmas Morning experience for families within the Women’s Shelter.  

What tracks are you leaving?

My mom’s words echo loudly within her tracks “By the Grace of God Go I”.  I think about my strength, dedication, and service to leave the world a better place and that same energy is echoed through my clients even though their lives might be topsy turvy at the moment; service is part of the wobbling.  When our life might be spinning out of balance the need to recoil might be felt but the more you hold close that we are all part of this spinning green planet and leaving energetic tracks of service will actually reverberate back to you and you will feel the effects of while making your world a little better.   (I wrote my books because I didn’t want other women to feel the darkness I felt and if I could offer a hand up and through the heartbreak then my heartbreak would not be for not. It has been a privilege and a blessing to have met so many extremely dynamic and amazing women… who I witness leaving their own unique tracks)

Journal Prompt:   Where in your life do you leave tracks?  How does this concept of service and being part of the greater whole make you feel? 

Affirmation:  I am loved beyond measure

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