The "A" in National Infertility Awareness Week


Watch the video explanation.

Which will bring us to the “A” in NIAW!!! (National Infertility Awareness Week) Give me an “N”; Give me an “I” Give me an “A”!

Acceptance brings awareness for healing.

So, we talked about the “I” in NIAW as investigating one’s feelings… greater acceptance of where we are and what we have been through and how what today brings keeps us in the present.

I have found that when we allow our mind to wonder down the road to tomorrow… we create fear and anxiety. What you are doing right this moment is what matters in maintaining a sense of gratitude.

Acceptance is finding the flicker of gratitude in the moment and holding it. I remember after losing my first pregnancy, which was ectopic, and I wanted to curl up and die right in the hospital room. The one gift that keep me moving forward was my gratitude for all the people who stayed late in the night before Thanksgiving and saved my life because I was internally bleeding. How ironic on the night before the day of giving thanks that I was in one of my darkest fogs and it was the act of holding gratitude that allowed me to feel and heal.

Acceptance brings forth awareness, which brings forth clarity, which brings forth healing which brings forth your dreams….


(Originally Published on April 25, 2012)

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