The Ugly Cry!

Sometimes an emotional blockage gets released from an unassuming interaction with someone. Or something happens and it hits and then the uncontrollable ugly cry erupts.

You’re in your day, on your merry way, taking care of your family’s activities and your own and the dam breaks… usually over some minuscule issue.

No gas in the car.
Missing the trash man.
Empty toilet paper holder
Non-flushed toilet.
No milk.

Typical daily tasks that are invisible and keep our day going smoothly for all and then that one act or incident becomes the “last straw” trigger.

I was in conversation with an amazing woman the other day. She is crazy busy with working full time, three boys in all transitioning milestones, employees and family issues and what broke her was an (for lack of better word here) awkward placement of an item that caused water to flood onto her work files.

Her emotional dam broke. The living on empty, no-emotional-reserve emotional dam let loose like undoing a kink in a water hose!

The ugly sobbing, mouth open, face distorted cry began and it kept going! And thank God it did.

The ugly cry is when the little pings of your emotional life that are there to bring your awareness back to YOU go unnoticed, until they can’t be ignored anymore.

Don’t be afraid of the ugly cry, whether you’re a crier or not. Give into it. Let your body do what it needs to do and feel the cathartic release and healing.

You might feel exhausted afterward.
You might feel a bit ashamed and place blame. (I’m not a crier, it was silly, I never cry and just couldn’t, man!)
You might feel emptied out.
You might feel a sense of awareness.
You might feel as though you want to get to the bottom of the emotion clog. (Like taking that nasty hairball out of the shower drain, the water flows down quickly, but you still have to deal with the hairball!)
You might feel better!
You might feel free!
You might feel worse!

Whatever you’re feeling after the emotional emptying – be with it! Be with the feeling, the uncomfortableness and the residue of the ugly cry.

Eyes puffy,
Nose Red,
Hair a mess,
Heavy breathing.

Be with it all. And LOVE you, the all of you. And tenderly and gently let yourself get back up, brush yourself off and learn from this cry. Heal from this cry.

Put your big girly panties on and use this as a tool for the empowerment of you.

The shadow emotional side of the cry is “ugly” while the light emotional side of the cry is “beautiful” and “lovely.” The reason for the ugly cry is to bring your awareness back to who you always have been and what you need each and every day to live as your True Self!

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  1. the ugly cry, title says its horrible.. thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks for visiting and reading the blog “The Ugly Cry”

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